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How we brew!

The selection of ingredients and brewing tests for the optimal recipe are the passion of our brewmasters. Everything is tasted until we are satisfied - that sometimes takes longer than a whole year.

Gläser Seltene Biere

Rare Beer

We brew only our own creations, inspired by little-known, forgotten, historical and international beer styles. In addition, we rely on bottle aging and light protection through wrapped bottles. Our rare beers can be recognized by their long-lasting freshness, maximum aroma, fine bubbles, firm foam and the highest enjoyment value.

Ingredients: 27.000 Combinations

Only the best raw materials go into our beers. We brew with around 30 hop varieties, 30 malt varieties and 30 yeast varieties - 30x30x30 equals 27,000 possible combinations. Added to this are the skills and creativity of our master brewers. This is how we create maximum enjoyment variety.



The natural hops come from all over the world, are carefully selected and matched to the beer style. It gives the beer the bitterness and the delicate aroma of fresh flowers to tropical fruits.

6 Hops

At Insel Brewery, we use 6 different ways to use hops in each beer style to flavor the beer. From hot to cold or short to long, this is how we get everything we need from the hops into the glass for our particular aroma and flavor profiles.



The barley for the malt comes from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Denmark, while the special malts come from the best malting plants in Bamberg, Belgium and the Netherlands. Malts are the basis for the fermentation, the body and the color of the beer, which ranges from straw yellow to chestnut brown to deep black. In aroma and taste, they provide notes of cookie, espresso or chocolate.


The yeasts are the secret of our beer styles. Each beer gets its own two yeasts to achieve seductive aromas from mirabelle to rum pot.


3 Fermentations

Our rare beers ferment in shallow, open fermentation tanks. Only in this way can our yeasts develop their complex aroma and flavor potential without hydrostatic pressure. This ranges from fruity notes of citrus, apricot or pineapple to spicy hints reminiscent of rum or pepper. Two different yeasts are used for each beer, such as abbey or champagne yeast. All our beers go through three fermentations: The main fermentation happens in open vats, the secondary fermentation and pre-aging in tanks, and the third fermentation and aging in the bottle with a second yeast for perfecting the taste, foam stability and fine bubbles in the glass.

Bottle Conditioning

Bottle Conditioning - The traditional method

We brew according to the traditional method with bottle aging. This means that the top-fermented beers are given a dosage similar to that of champagne and mature in the bottle for at least 10 days after bottling. This is how we achieve a unique depth of flavor. The very fine bubbles of carbonic acid are perfectly integrated into the beer body and ensure a stable head in the glass. Bottle aging guarantees freedom from oxygen in the filled bottle and, in conjunction with the natural paper as light protection, is the guarantee for the particularly long and natural freshness of our Rare Beers.

Natural wrapping paper

Natural wrapping paper - Icon of Rare Beers

In order to guarantee the long-lasting freshness and quality of the rare beers in connection with bottle aging, we completely wrap our bottles in wet-strength natural wrapping paper. The wrapping technique is a proprietary development of the Insel brewery and serves to protect the bottles from light. In this way, we fill bottles on the world's first reusable wrapping bottle line. (Deposit system applies exclusively in Germany). The paper for our labels is from FSC-certified sustainable forestry.