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Unusual protection for rare beers

In order to provide light protection, our bottles are completely wrapped in wet strength wrapping paper. It is only this light protection, in combination with the bottle conditioning that guarantees the long-lasting freshness and quality of the rare beers. The wrapping technique is a patented development from the Island Brewery.

The natural wrapping paper for our labels comes from FSC certified sustainable forestry. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international certification system for forestry.

Its principles guarantee the responsible cultivation of forests, the protection of endangered animal and plant species and the preservation of the forest ecosystem.

Our commitment to reusable bottles

We use standard reusable bottles in the sizes 0.33 l and 0.75 l. The labels are attached using reusable-compatible glue. The natural wrapping paper is removed from the used bottles in a standard cleaning machine and once detached is returned to the reusable material cycle. The incoming bottles are collected, cleaned, returned to the reusable pool and filled again.

April 2021 we are putting into operation the world's first inline returnable wrapped bottle washing machine!


Solar cells on the roof – Sun in the glass!

With an average of around 1,800 hours of sunlight annually, Rügen is the league leader in Germany and the country’s top sun destination. We use this important source of energy for our brewery. The roof was fitted with solar panels in August 2017, connected up to the facility, and since then our bottling plant has been operated using our own solar electricity.


Our nature - habitat, inspiration, commitment


In the summer of 2017, the Rügen Island Brewery, in partnership with the WWF, started a sea eagle project, and is committed to preserving the habitat of the proud bird on the island of Rügen.

The brewery has donated 15,000 euros to meet the cost of the project.

Rügen is both our home and our source of inspiration. The island’s unique nature and its biodiversity is a gift whose preservation is also a great responsibility for all of us.

The Sea Eagle on Rügen

The “King of the Sky” is also endangered here on Rügen. Forestry, hunting, and tourists who wander forest areas without due consideration threaten the animals’ habitat or disturb them during the rearing of their young.

However, with the aid of animal protection organizations such as the WWF it has been possible to increase the population to 750 breeding pairs over the last 20 years, ca. 350 of which live in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.

The Project Goal

With its commitment to the sea eagle on Rügen, the Island Brewery not only supports the work of the WWF but also aims to send out a signal and raise awareness for the protection of this unique bird amongst Rügen’s citizens and visitors to the island.

Our Partner

The WWF carries out important work for the preservation of suitable habitats for the majestic bird. It carries out renaturation measures, promotes the development of wild forests, establishes aerie protection zones, and campaigns for lead-free ammunition.