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Challengingly experimental – for beer connoisseurs

Meerjungfrau - 33 cl
Flavour: fruity, wine-like, sour, dry Colour: pale / light ABV.: 5.6 % Beer Style: Sour Ale Awards: World Beer Award - Germany Gold 2017; Meiningers International Craft Beer Award - Platinum 2020 Occasion: Aperitif, reception, tasting Food pairing: Perfect with reception snacks, oysters, artichokes, graved salmon, avocado Sommelier’s description We have brewed this rare beer using two strains of lactic acid bacteria and a Bière Brut yeast to produce a drink with a surprisingly elegant fruit acid – refreshing and fruity-effervescent like a very dry cider. A beer for toasting, celebrating, and enjoying - a real sour seduction.

Content: 0.33 Liter

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